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AdSense Ready Templates and Plugins

If you enjoy powerful features of AdSense Money Maker, you should be happy to know that automated AdSense site maker can be even more powerful when using extra modules and plugins. Increase your AdSense income using amazing modules and plugins designed for AdSense Money Maker. All plugins can be downloaded from customer area at any time.

Auto Keywords Plugin

Automated keywords research plugin will automatically connect to WordTracker service every day and will download latest unique keywords (duplicates will be removed automatically) related to your website.

For example, if you have website about "apple ipod", this module will automatically download relevant keywords like "apple ipod nano", "apple ipod shuffle", "apple ipod accessories" and hundreds more...

These keywords will be automatically stored on database and Adsense site maker will use them to build more and more new pages with relevant content. Plugin can remove adult and offensive keywords automatically. No WordTracker account needed!

RSS Content Plugin

When RSS Content Plugin is activated, software will automatically parse remote RSS feeds (you can assign your own RSS feeds list), get specified number of entries and rewrite each entry using markov function, and store premium content on database.

It doesn't matter how many thousands of pages you have on website - each page will have its own high quality and 100% unique content using this extremely powerful plugin. Search engines will love it!

YouTube Content Plugin

YouTube Content Plugin will improve visitors experience on your website. This plugin will automatically display related videos from YouTube on each internal page of your website by creating media rich content.

Visitors will be able to preview videos on your website directly, without leaving it.

Extra Templates Pack

This templates pack contains 6 premium, AdSense ready and highly optimized templates for automated AdSense website builder. Increase number of clicks, make your site custom and 100% unique using these professional templates.

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