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Questions and Answers about AdSense Money Maker

Welcome to the AdSense Money Maker questions and answers section. I update FAQ page as often as possible to reflect the latest changes about online marketing techniques, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website promotion and monetizing, Adsense income and other important things. These questions came from webmasters like you. I believe you will find FAQ page helpful and informative. If you have any more questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to help you.

Can I use AdSense Money Maker to build other (not AdSense based) websites?

Yes! Using this automated AdSense site builder, you can create many different websites automatically. AdSense Money Maker will automatically build any type of website in seconds - from adult video galleries to affiliate based pages. Use AdSense Money Maker to create sites for any niche you want - it's so powerful!

Can you recommend me really good hosting company with fast servers and great uptime?

I recommend ordering reseller package from DimeReseller or Lotosus. These companies offer fast and reliable servers along with friendly 24/7 premium support and other cool features. Other hosting companies (I had great experience with) are IX Web Hosting and MidPhase.

Will I get a discount for your other tools after ordering AdSense Money Maker?

Yes! After ordering AdSense Money Maker license, you may download very powerful marketing and website promotion tools for extremely low price! Just log on to customer area and look for discount codes. Use these coupons and order all other tools for $100 only!

I ordered similar tool previously, but developer asked me to pay for each installation. Do I need to buy extra licenses for each installation?

No! AdSense Money Maker comes with unlimited domains license. It means you may install AdSense Money Maker on unlimited domains without paying any extra fees. Single license allows building unlimited number of sites!

I increased my AdSense earnings and optimized income using this AdSense website builder, but I want more. Can you give special tips for me?

Sure. If you would like to increase AdSense income even more, find out new ways to monetize existing websites, and learn different money making tactics, check out Webmaster Book. This completely different and 100% unique webmaster book will teach you making money in different way!

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