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Build AdSense Ready Sites Automatically and Increase AdSense Income

This page will guide you through amazing features of automated AdSense ready sites builder - AdSense Money Maker. It's impossible to list all includes features in this page (because there are hundreds of options and custom tweaks inside administration panel), but you will find all most important features listed below. So let's get started!

  • Single Click Installer. The more features software has, the more difficult installation is. Sometimes it takes several minutes installing and configuring software. But I talk about other users. AdSense Money Maker users enjoy fast, single click installer. All you need to do - enter website details and smart installer will do everything rest. Yes, your installation will be adjusted automatically according to server settings and other factors. Do you love saving time? Then single click installer is for you!

  • Easy Management. If you used any other AdSense website builder already, you know how hard management is. Difficult navigation, complex menus and unclear descriptions. Well, forget it forever! AdSense Money Maker comes with extremely easy administration interface, which enables you accessing any feature with single mouse click. Forget hard management of other systems and switch to AdSense Money Maker for fast, easy and intuitive administration.

  • All Systems Friendly. You know what drives me crazy? I buy and download software, and... can't install it on my computer, because it's designed for specific version of Windows only. What a waste of time and money! That's why AdSense Money Maker works with all systems. It doesn't matter if you are using Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Free BSD, or any other system - you can still run AdSense Money Maker! You can even manage it using mobile phone or PDA device!

  • Blazing Fast. Did you use any other website builder previously? If yes, you know how slooooooow other tools are. Because of ineffective code, it takes several seconds opening single page. It drives you mad? Sure! Your site is not indexed properly, and visitors close it after a few seconds, leaving you without any income. But forget it... Why? Because you will have no worries about sluggish system anymore! Just switch to AdSense Money Maker and enjoy blazing fast speed and incredible performance. Highly optimized code will make your website blazing fast. Stop wasting bandwidth and losing money. Optimize your website and increase your earnings!

  • Slow Building Option. Let me ask a question - "Do you know that thousands of webmasters fail not because of lack of knowledge or experience, but because of their software?" That's right. They use simple AdSense builders working in this way - webmaster adds thousands of keywords, and software creates thousands of pages immediately. But does it look natural? No! Search engines easily detect that sites were built automatically, because no real person can create thousands of pages overnight. Say "Good-bye" to AdSense earnings. Thankfully, AdSense Money Maker works in different way. It has slow building option and creates new pages slowly, one by one... Even if you will add thousands of keywords, software will publish several pages only, and will continue adding more and more new content day by day. It will create an impression that your site is daily updated by human. No one will realize it was built using automated website builder. Say "Hello" to high AdSense income!

  • Automated Ads Serving. If you ever published pages previously, you know how difficult and time consuming everything is when it comes to ads serving. You need to download templates, edit files, add custom code, save changes and upload everything back to server. And what if you want to remove ads or change them? Yes, you need to repeat all these steps again and again. But would you like saving time and activating or deactivating different advertisements with single mouse click? AdSense Money Maker allows serving different ads (AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, PeakClick, PayPopUp, etc.) easily! Just enter your account ID and activate desired advertising network(s). That's all! Software will select best ads placement options and color combinations according to site's content and design automatically. Optimize your income with automated ads serving!

  • Keywords Density Analyzer. Did you ever ask yourself why thousands of webmasters fail when it comes to money making? They create content rich pages with good keywords, but sites are indexed poorly and receive no traffic. It's because search engines are smarter than you think! Creating page with many keywords worked well yesterday, but does not work today. Ask any experienced webmaster and he will tell you that excessive keywords usage will remove site from search engines index. It's not hard to reduce keywords density when building sites manually, but we are going to automate sites building, right? You will not rewrite thousands of pages manually, will you? Still, there is a solution! AdSense Money Maker is the only software which has keywords density analyzer. It will scan each page and remove over-repeated keywords from content automatically to make pages search engines friendly. Forget about rewriting content yourself; let AdSense Money Maker making content search engines friendly!

  • Tags System. If you visited social bookmarking networks, you saw how well they are indexed. Moreover, social bookmarking sites are indexed so fast, that it takes only minutes for new content to be cached in search engines. People ask me what magic methods social bookmarking sites use. Well, you deserve to know the truth... None! Social bookmarking sites have nothing but good layout and structure, what makes indexing fast and simple. This is achieved using tags system. How tags work? When visitor browses any page, he can see tags related to page content (example: if person browses page about "apple ipod nano", these tags are displayed - apple, ipod, nano). After clicking any tag, user can see other pages related to selected tag. It not only creates great user experience, but also helps search engines to index content much faster! It's called cross linking, and this method works, works and works!

  • Privacy Policy Generator. Do you know that AdSense requires all publishers to display privacy policy on sites with AdSense from now? This is NOT optional, this is a must! Otherwise, they reserve the right to close your account. I know it's time consuming to write individual privacy policy for each website, so I created automated privacy policy generator. All your sites powered by Adsense Money Maker will contain professional and individual privacy policy page. And you can modify privacy text at any time. So ask yourself - "Is it worth to risk using other AdSense builders?" I don't think so...

  • Bad Keywords Filter. I'm sure you know at least several webmasters who got AdSense accounts closed because of bad content. AdSense Terms of Service are very strict. Just add several offensive or adult keywords by mistake and not only your AdSense account will be closed, but also you will lose all earnings. And you know what even bigger problem is? You are not allowed opening new AdSense account again! But is it possible to remove adult and offensive keywords automatically? Yes! Software comes with powerful bad keywords filter which will remove all offensive keywords before storing them on database. And you can edit filter in seconds. Why should you put your AdSense account in risk using other software? Build AdSense ready sites using AdSense Money Maker and keep big earnings!

  • Automated Sitemap Builder. Having sitemap file is very important to succeed in online money making. As you know, search bots love sitemaps, because well designed sitemaps help making all internal pages indexed faster. AdSense Money Maker includes automated sitemap builder, which builds standard HTML sitemaps for human visitors, and 100% valid XML sitemaps for search bots. Search engines will love your sites!

  • Extra Modules and Plugins. My customers are happy utilizing hundreds of integrated functions, but I love making customers even happier. How? Creating extra modules and plugins to make websites building even easier! Do you know AdSense Money Maker can perform even more tasks? Yes, it can enhance users experience by creating media-rich pages with YouTube videos, parsing remote RSS feeds for more high quality content, and even downloading related keywords (used to build new pages) day by day! Increase AdSense income and receive more traffic using these amazing plugins from customer area.

  • Cloaking Engine. If you are not very experienced webmaster, probably you will not use cloaking first, but it's always good to know that software comes with powerful cloaking engine. Cloaking can help monetizing websites even more. Using cloaking engine, you can display different content for search engines and real visitors. For example, you can display lots of high quality text for search bots, but redirect real visitors to another URL (affiliate page, custom page, etc.) automatically. Do you wonder why so few webmasters use cloaking? Well, it's because cloaking software costs about $150 and needs to be installed on each site. Thankfully, AdSense Money Maker will stop you from wasting time and money! Cloaking software is integrated for free! Using powerful cloaking engine your money making options are... endless!

  • Custom 404 Error Pages. Do you know AdSense Money Maker enables monetizing websites even more? I believe generating income from popups, contextual advertising and feeds is not enough! This system allows making extra revenue using custom 404 error pages. If visitor will request page which does not exist, he will see a custom page created by you. It can be a page with advertisements, affiliate links, signup links, or anything else you want. Don't let visitors to go away - monetize your error pages!

  • High Quality Content. If you have failed with AdSense for countless times, don't blame yourself. You just used wrong tools! Loading websites with tons of useless text is not the best idea (unfortunately, other builders can do nothing better). Search bots are smart and do not index junk websites made for search engines only. To see website ranked high, high quality content is a must! Using unique functions, AdSense Money Maker will create high quality content easily! Your website will contain professional structure, HTML and XML sitemaps, privacy page, links page, links exchange form, daily updated RSS feed, nice layout and everything else needed to create high quality website.

  • Unique Content Maker. Yes, content is the king. But high quality content is not enough! If other websites will have same content, you will get a penalty from search engines for duplicated content. This is what always happens for thousands of webmasters using automated site builders. To make AdSense Money Maker different, software comes with powerful content rewrite engine and unique content maker. Even if you have hundreds of sites on same topic, each website will be unique and 100% different. Content will be parsed using random search engines and random RSS feeds first. Later, system will apply keywords density analyzer and split text into many paragraphs to make content looking good for humans and search engines. Finally, content can be automatically rewritten using markov chain. Don't let search engines to ban your websites for duplicated content - use AdSense Money Maker!

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs. While well formatted URL is not the most important thing when it comes to website indexing, it never hurts displaying search engine friendly URLs. Automated AdSense ready sites builder comes with advanced URL rewrite engine, which converts all links into search engines friendly. For example, while other website builders have links like, AdSense Money Maker will convert this URL into automatically. Feel the difference!?

  • RSS Feeds Pinger. How many times you saw blogs listed in top of SERPS? Thousands... But do you know why blogs are indexed so well? Blogs ping RSS feeds to notify other websites about new content. AdSense Money Maker has same function too! As soon as system creates new page, it automatically pings popular RSS directories with link to your site. Website not only receives direct traffic, but also gets better rankings in search engines because many RSS directories link to you. And you can add more RSS feed URLs at any time!

  • Links Exchange Mailer. Incoming text links are essential for sites to be indexed well and receive traffic. High quality text links help boosting search engine rankings, attracting more visitors and monetizing websites. Unfortunately, links building is the most complex task ever. Not only it takes lots of time, but also requires knowledge and experience. But forget it! AdSense Money Maker comes with integrated links exchange mailer, which automatically finds relevant websites and emails webmasters asking to exchange text links with you. Moreover, system automatically checks if webmaster has added your link to his website! Everything is 100% automated and no user interaction is required!

  • Free Lifetime Updates. Many publishers offer free updates, right? Unfortunately, these updates are not really free. Customers receive free minor updates, but when major update is released, they need to pay for it. Later they pay for each major update again and again... Other publishers offer free updates for 12 months, and then ask customers to pay for updates. I don't like it! All AdSense Money Maker users enjoy free lifetime updates! No dirty tricks, no hidden fees - only 100% free lifetime updates!

  • Premium Customer Support. Like all other my tools, this one is no exception. Automated Adsense websites builder comes with premium customer support. Feel free to contact me via email, submit support ticket at helpdesk, or ask for advice on private forum - all your questions will be answered! Don't worry if you are just a newbie and have dozens of questions - I'm always here to help you! Have any troubles installing or operating software? Just ask for professional assistance. FREE assistance!

  • AdSense TOS Compatible. Typical story: webmaster builds AdSense ready sites, makes some money, and... his AdSense account is closed forever for TOS violation. I must admit AdSense guys are smart, and they close accounts of publishers who build pages designed for AdSense income only (also known as MFA - Made For AdSense). So why should you choose AdSense Money Maker? Because it generates great looking sites made for humans! These sites have professional layout, logical structure and other important elements. Still, layout is optimized for high AdSense income! Don't put your AdSense account into risk using other builders, build AdSense TOS compatible pages!

  • Unique Templates. As you know already, unique design is very important part of any website. If you wonder why thousands of users (who buy Adsense ready templates) always fail, wonder no more - they use same templates! Search engines detect duplicated layout and content very easily, and these sites are removed from SERPS. AdSense Money Maker was designed to solve this problem! It comes with unique templates, and more professional templates are available in customer area. Need something special? Just ask me to make 100% custom and unique templates for you, based on your personal needs!

  • Custom Version. Sometimes even the best system is not enough. Different people need different functions or features to make software 100% personal. If you miss any functionality in my software, just contact me and explain what you need. I made hundreds of custom tweaks and features according to personal customer needs, so I will be happy to create custom version for you. Just let me know what you need, and it will be done!

  • Unlimited License. I know, I know... Software developers do not allow installing more than one copy of software, or ask you to pay for each extra installation. It's sad and not fair. But here is good news - I think in different way! Your license allows installing UNLIMITED number of copies without any hidden fees. I'm not kidding! Install hundreds of copies using single license. Don't pay for extra licenses - save your money for other things!

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. Did you ever buy useless software? I'm sure you did. Me too. And what happened when you asked for full refund? Probably publisher told you that refund is not available because of some stupid reason. Is it fair? No. But you will be happy to know that AdSense Money Maker comes with 100% money back guarantee. You believe software is not for you? Just ask for full refund!

Sometimes it's not enough to explain how software works and why it's the best. Do you know an old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Yes? So find out why AdSense Money Maker is the only tool you need.

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